Why Go "Natural"?


Why Go "Natural"?

What does the term "natural" mean in regards to ethnic hair?

"Natural" is used to define hair that has not been permanently altered by anything that would change the natural texture and state (texturizers, perms, color).  For women of color this generally means that the cyclical relaxing process (done every six to eight weeks) would cease.

What is a relaxer and what does it do?

A relaxer comes in a cream or lotion form and is used to permanently "relax"  or straighten the natural curl pattern. 

What are the benefits of being natural?

1) Financial - Maintaining relaxed hair can be costly.  For example, relaxers and touch-ups when done every six to eight weeks (recommended to maintain health of hair) can cost between $50 -$100.  This boils down to an estimated $500 spent on maintenance annually.  Natural hair can be maintained at safely at home.

2) Health - The main ingredient used in a relaxer is sodium hydroxide (lye).  This ingredient is the same ingredient that is found in Nair, Drano, oven cleaner and biodiesel production (just to name a few).  It's no wonder that hair that has been relaxed year after year is dry, brittle and tends to break off easily. Needless to say, it's very unhealthy to use this ingredient on scalp and hair.  Don't Buy The Lye!

3) Last but not least - HEALTHY HAIR!!!!


Are no lye relaxers safe?

 No lye relaxers contain either potassium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide.  These ingredients are slightly weaker than sodium hydroxide, they work slower on the hair, and they minimize (but do not eliminate) irritation to the scalp and hair.

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